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Helena reflecting

Something is killing the forests around Helena, Montana. Beetle damage, I heard.

There’s more than one way to lay brick.
- Archie Bray Foundation for Performing Arts.

The Guardian of the Gulch overlooks a lovely downtown pedestrian mall.

Several ULA rockets as seen at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, since we couldn’t take photos on the official factory tour. With many thanks to RocketMan.

Space Camp astronaut meets Signal the Frog at GPS Maze opening day.

I heart New Orleans.

Madame Laveaux, voodoo queen. Mark 3 X’s, knock 3x, leave an offering, make your wish.

" New Orleans, Louisiana is a very dynamic balance between somber death and very vivacious living. "


View of New Orleans from 1 Canal Plaza. “View Carre” with thanks to Bamboozle.

left: Heather Isle

right: Stewart Camel

another Single Track road in the Scottish Highlands during lambing season: drive carefully!

This is a two-way street regardless of how narrow it is, made all the more exciting by delicious, delicious lambs running out in front of the car whose steering wheel and stick shift are in unfamiliar positions.

A butcher in Fort Augustus, Scotland, right at the base of Loch Ness.

This is where to get your haggis properly: not from a can.

Exhibit about how deep Loch Ness really is, and how much pressure there is at 230m deep - and what the environment might be for any monsters/creatures down there. (Taken May 9, 2014 at the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre.)